Prophetic Bracelet Sets For Women

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* Please notice that each prophetic bracelet set may take up to one week to create; this does not include shipping time. Thank you for your patience ❤️❤️❤️

I have volunteered as a prophetic encourager at my local prayer house, and I have enjoyed it so much! I have also been making memory wire bracelets for a while. One day, God told me to put the two parts together! The end result is a prophetic encouragement bracelet that you can wear as a reminder of what God is saying to you in this season of your life.

Prophetic encouragement is done through the work of the Holy Spirit to edify, encourage, and comfort a person (Read 1 Corinthians 14:3).  The essence of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus (Read Revelation 19:10). In creating a one-of-a-kind, unique piece for you, my aim is to help bring you closer to Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. 

Every bracelet you purchase tells God's story over you and helps to enhance your understanding of how He feels about you. Over time, you can build your collection of "God stories" over your life. They also serve as a great conversation piece or as a gift to encourage a loved one. These bracelets are also a great way to introduce pre-believers (those that haven't accepted Jesus just yet) to the concept of God's actual love for them.


Here's my process:

I pray over each bracelet, listening for God's voice as I create; I write down what He is saying to you so that you can keep it for your future records (over time, you can ask Him to reveal to you even more than what I received for you! HE continues to add to the meaning of each piece over time! Read Jeremiah 33:3.)

For materials, I use beads of varying sizes, colors, shapes, and materials. I use cloth, ribbon, and rubber stamps with permanent ink for fabric. I also use focal piece charms related to what the Lord is showing me for you, jute twine, and gemstones (prayed over in Christ, of course; so don't worry. I take authority over anything to do with New I mostly use gems from Hobby Lobby or similar places. But rest assured, IF I buy something from a different source, I DEFINITELY pray over it.)

Hearing God's voice comes in different forms for me; sometimes, He gives me Scriptures to share. Sometimes, He gives me songs to encourage you. Sometimes, He allows me to have impressions about something to comfort you. I am constantly honing my skills to hear God's voice by reading the Bible, practicing stillness in order to hear Him speak, and attending prophetic classes and conferences. I love to hear my Father's voice for myself, and I want to encourage you through this gift as well. I also want YOU to learn how to hear our Father's voice so that you are confident in His direction over your life. So each piece comes with a crash course document on ways to hear God speak to you.

I am so excited to be able to make prophetic bracelets for you!

God bless~!
Love, SB+J

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Customer Reviews

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Kimberly Witt
HIGHLY Recommend! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I purchased the 3 bracelet set for my birthday and I am SO pleased with them! I am impressed with how well made they are, as well as beautiful. On the practical side, they fit well, are comfortable to wear, and look great with anything! To also get a prophetic word with them makes them a terrific value…priceless, really. Shuntu hears from the Lord SO well! The words she gave me really resonated and I felt so loved to receive them. Don’t hesitate to add these to your cart!!!

Thank you so much for your review, Kim! I'm so glad you like them

Gigi Thompson
The Most Beautiful items I've Ever Received!

Shuntu is not only a gifted creator but an anointed one at that. You can tell with the things she creates that the love and goodness of God is interwoven into each details. They are not haphazardly put together for mass production but actually created with intention and love from Holy Spirit Himself just for the receiver. :')

The bracelets I've received from her were nothing short of that anointing flowing from heaven itself. They were not just beautiful but some of the beautiful items I've ever received in my life. Tears started flowing down my face upon opening her well intentional packaging and that's when the presence of God hit me. I encountered such a dose of Papa's love and was reminded yet again through these bracelets that I am worth it, I am loved and valued by the Father himself. But wait it got better... Once I got passed the overwhelming goodness of His presence from the first look alone, the prophetic words that confirmed so much of what God has already spoken to me about took me to another level and I was yet again undone.

So...prepare to be in tears, prepare to have an encounter with the Father, and prepare to be reminded of His love again and again as you receive and wear these well intentionally made beauties!

Thank you Shuntu for being such a willing vessel of God's goodness from heaven to earth. May you continue to be the conduit that speaks of His love and affirmation through these beautiful creations. I am 20 steps closer to the Father and my faith even stronger hearing all the confirmations you've spoken through your prophetic encouragement! May God continue to bless this ministry, your ministry to the body of Christ!

P.S. Bracelets are well - made, I took them to Hong Kong and back and they are still in tact--but truly that's not the most important thing to me... its the anointing and these are anointed! ;)

The Perfect Gift

The bracelet set was made with high quality materials and delivered quickly. Shuntu has a gifting in prophetic encouragement and the bracelet’s were an encouragement. Thank you!

Thank you so much, Mark, for your review. God bless you!

JoAnnA Newton

I enjoy wearing the bracelet especially since it’s customized just for me. Lots of textures and uniqueness to the design make it a conversation piece. Shuntu took time to send her thoughts and creative process, which was really encouraging. These creations are well made, well packaged and well thought-out. I recommend!

Kendra Barrow
Meaningful & Fun

I love my prophetic bracelet! I frequently read over the prophetic word that came with it: meaningful. I also enjoy wearing the bracelet: fun.

Thank you so much for your review! I'm so glad the prophetic word was meaningful. Also it was really fun making the bracelet for you!