Smoothie Bowl Heaven

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Smoothie Bowl Heaven
Smoothie Bowl Heaven
My husband, Mark, and I visited my parents last week in Mississippi (that's where I grew up!) It was a short trip, but it was so good to see them.
While we were there, Mark and I went to some super great restaurants like Pop's Pizzeria (yum!) in Biloxi and The Yard Milkshake Bar (drool!) in D'Iberville. These places had some really great vacation food!
But Mark and I have been getting healthier and have been changing the way we've been eating, so while on vacation, we also looked for a few restaurants with better options for our journey. That led us to a place in D'Iberville called Owyhee Bowl.
I had never been one for smoothie bowls. I thought they were weird at first...I mean... eating a smoothie... with a spoon???? That was soooo weird to me! But the presentation and the flavors of the fruits and the texture and taste of the toppings from Owyhee quickly changed my tune haha.
When we got back home to Arkansas, I decided that I was going to make smoothie bowls as well!!!!

Mark and I got some ingredients to make what we were going to eat and the next morning, I made the smoothie bowl in the above picture. It was delicious.

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